From Abu Dhabi to Sweden, from staff days to strategy seminars

The tools that the Dialogus method uses are independent of the technical platform and location. Over the years we have conducted many events for 5 - 5,000 people, from the desert of Abu Dhabi to the snows of Northern Sweden.

In addition to such exotic surroundings, we have also worked in most of Sweden's major and cities and towns, as well as Rio, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Acapulco, Budapest, Montreux and others.

"I can't remember a conference that engaged me so much. A fast tempo all the way through."
Event: Management day
"A fun way of working, easy to get involve and we avoided the never-ending group presentations."
Event: Executive Meeting
"This was the best marketing conference ever."
Event: Marketing Conference
"Excellent arrangement, good content with high interaction."
Event: Corporate Presentation
"A rather skilful and exciting way to get us to communicate directly with each other. Ambitious goals, well managed, and an admirable approach to creating a pedagogic working method."
Event: Theme Day
"The new technology creates the conditions for joint group work and rapid response, which could also be shared with everybody... it was impressive and I'd like to do it again."
Event: Customer Activity
"This was an excellent conference. Having been to many conferences over the years, now we get a clear and thought-through message."
Event: Management Conference
"A very good event, thank you! This was very inspiring and motivating - aligning us all!"
Event: International Sale Meeting
"Over my expectations"
Event: Staff Conference
"Excellent arrangements and networking, well prepared, wonderful atmosphere."
Event: Strategy Meeting
"Very professional, very prepared speakers, short and effective presentation covering essential issues."
Event: Executive Meeting
"Very good, I really enjoy it a lot, good job and congratulations for all the people involved."
Event: Recruitment Days
"The best conference I attended."
Event: Management Conference
"1) Great Event, Inspiring 2) Very well organised 3) Well thought logistics"
Event: Kick off
"The format is excellent"
Event: Staff Conference

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Customers we've had
the pleasure to work
with over the years:

AMF Pension
Dagens Media
Globe Arena
Hello Sweden
Ministry of Agriculture
Karolinska Institutet
Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
Sweden Post
Swedish Government Offices
Save the Children Fund
Scandic Hotels
Statistics Sweden
European Social Fund
United Nations Association
The Church of Sweden
Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Södermanland County Council
Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Swedish Adult Education Administration