The Dialogus method - more return per cost unit

Arranging a conference, meeting or kick off can require considerable resources. Remember what your last major meeting was like?

The Dialogus method developed from the desire to hold meetings that provide proven and effective communication and a basis for decision-making. The Dialogus method uses tools that are independent of technical platforms and locations. Over the years we have conducted events for 5 to 5,000 participants worldwide.

Quality, time, ratability, impact targets and return on investment

By combining new media with conventional meeting media, we create a unique meeting format that offers enthusiasm, dialog and documentation. Dialogus generates meetings that - thanks to their impact - provide far greater benefits and ensure that they continue to exert an influence long after their completion.

From goals to action

The Dialogus method centers around five features: Goal Formulation, Current Status, Meeting, Documentation and Action. Interactivity is high, with the participation of all people from the very start. The dialog and meeting are built up on the basis of your goals and a current status analysis. Key concepts are participation, inspiration and involvement.

Dialogus has lengthy experience of dramaturgy, scenography and forums. The interactive tools and action plan are used to document the meeting and monitor the results. This is a key instrument and a reward for you and the meeting alike.

The closure of the meeting marks a new beginning. Moreover, the action plan is well anchored among participants - they've participated all the way, from the very start. Finally, the whole event is rounded off with documentation, assessment and results ratings.

Dialogus' tools and comprehensive experience at your service

The Dialogus method includes project management, director, producer, moderator, interactive tools such as computers and mobile telephones, surveys/polls, TV/video/webcasts /multi-media, speaker's chair, lighting, sound and scenography. All features can progress simultaneously and be adjusted to the nature and size of your meeting.

We have considerable experience in developing the appropriate dramaturgy in speakers' addresses, in getting speakers to feel confident, highlighting the right aspects and doing so to ensure they reach listeners. Over the years we have assisted companies and have coached hundreds of speakers in getting their message over. We can also assist you.

Examples of the types of meetings arranged by Dialogus

Internal meetings External meetings
- Kick-offs - Customer surveys
- Strategy meetings - Customer meetings
- Executive conferences - Theme days/exhibitions
- Sales meetings - Product launches
- Staff days - Annual General Meetings
- Management days  

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