Dialogus offers expertise and experience for effective meetings.

Our proprietary tools – designed to facilitate various work features in collaboration with clients – form an essential component of our approach to the production of conferences, meetings and events.

DelegateZeus - a software for online management of applications and registration, which offers complete control of participants for your meetings, training courses and events. The software may also be deployed for basic surveys.

REX Top Sales - a portal that offers your sales competitions a dedicated website with all the functions that are included in the competition. Top Sales functions perfectly for in-house sales staff or dealership employees involved in competitions. This does not require any advanced links to personnel registers or accounting systems.

Dialogus Research - a website tool designed to undertake basic and rapid attitude and opinion surveys. It identifies the results immediately after the respondents have expressed their views (although the survey participants are totally anonymous). Our clients appreciate this supplementary service, which offers in-depth analysis and assessment after a poll has been conducted.

Dialogus WAP service - a mobile tool that provides participants with agendas, meeting times, speakers, messages, information on the meeting or any other information that you wish to provide.

Dialogus Mobile Interactive Pro - using any type of mobile telephone, participants can be interactive by means of our specially developed mobile applications. They don’t need to download software; instead, everything functions via the user's mobile phone functions. You can conduct a dialogue during the particular event, thereby adding to the commitment and motivation of the participants, while also making them feel involved.

The tool permits you to:

  • Answers questions – in written form
  • Respond to mentometer questions
  • Rank issues
  • Gauge and scale
  • Convey questions to speakers and the editorial board

All materials used during the event are delivered on a multi-media format CD.

Dialogus PC Interactive PRO – software that closely resembles Mobile, but is computer based. You can pose questions (see above) and conduct a dialogue with participants.

Dialogus Mobile Interactive Event – may be used during exhibitions and permits the exhibitor to pursue various forms of dialogue with visitors. Excellent for competitions, reminders and assessments.

Dialogus Mobile Interactive Remind – offers the potential to provide information or conduct a dialogue with participants before and after events.

Dialogus www Dialog Direkt – web-based software custom-designed for discussions, forums and debates. Dialog Direkt's basic concept is to promote debate and it is ideal for dealing with a large range of issues. You can close the debate after just a day, or you also continue it for several months. After closure, you receive a documented discussion that offers you a unique decision-making basis.

Dialogus Time – assists in allocating time during an event. This readily offers you an overview of how the day can be broken up using various inputs and activities. Also, you can view a minute-by-minute configuration of the day.

Dialogus Skript – this offers you a manuscript in your hand and shows the time for the various inputs. You can split the day into various time intervals and insert various inputs, such as speakers and PPT, lighting, sound, video and Q-points.

Dialogus Countdown – a tool designed to assist the speaker to configure his/her address during the actual presentation.

Dialogus Badge – this produces badges/names, plastic tabs in credit-card format, with multi-colour printing for participants ahead of a conference, meeting or event and can feature logotypes, names and a comprehensive selection of information.

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